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     Hi, today I will tell you the event I went to. But before talking about event, I noticed my mistake that in spite of my blog written by English, my blog readers are Japanese. Although in my first blog, I told you that I spoke only English, but now there are no reader in my blog. So I never compromise, but I change in direction of course. Return to the original topic. If you have seen its title, It is obvious at a glance there is today's keyword. So it's handshake event. What is handshake event?

     Handshake event is a kind of event which can meet Japanese idols and can shake hand, talk about something with favorite idols. I have been to this event for eight times. But the event is only Nogizaka46's or Keyakizaka46's. So I don't know other idol's handsake event. Therefore I can tell you only Nogizaka's or Keyakizaka's handshake event. Today I tell you Nogizaka46′s one.

     The event of Nogizaka46 is two tipes that one is called "general handshake event", and the other called "personal handshake event." First, the former is more public because it is simple to join the event. What is the way how to join the event? You only need to buy Nogizaka46's CDs which is the latest and only type-A,B,C,D. The ticket for the event is in the CDs and use one time shaking hand. Second, the later may be just difficult. First step you have to register yourself in Fortune music. And you should apply for ticket of the favorite member. If you are winning, you can go to the event.

      OK, up to now, I describe handshake event. From now, show you today's report in the event. Today, I took part in "personal handshake event." I have nine tickets. I put usually conversation on below sentence in the handshake event.

   Rikuya: Hello, long time no see. Did you go to three principle yesterday? How was it?
   idol(Ayane): Yes, I did. It was so wanderful!

   Rikuya: Whom was you concerned to?

   idol(Ayane): It's secret!

And so, I put unusually but fantastic conversation on below sentence in the handshake event.

   Rikuya: Hi. Do you remember my name? Please try hitting my name?



   idol(ayane):ku?(still cautiously)

   Rikuya:ku!(already happy)

   idol(ayane):ya!(all smiles)

   Rikuya:You are genius

So it is so happy things. And I'm so happy.

OK, this blog finished. To be continue! Bye!




   えーと、うーんと 妥協しました! 英語の方には方向転換ですって書いたけど完璧な妥協です。 一人でもこのブログを読んでくれる人が増えたらなと思います。


   今回の内容はずばり握手会! 本日2/5にパシフィコ横浜で行われた個別握手会に参加してきました。自分は鈴木絢音生誕委員をやっていて、次回3/4の握手会が鈴木絢音生誕祭なので打ち合わせとかしつついろんな人と話ができました。絡んでくれた方ありがとうございます。

   そこで僭越ながら今回の握手会レポを少し書きたいと思います。 というより紹介できそうなの一つしかないので、とりあえずそれを紹介します。

   三部一枚目 ←普段つけている名札{「リクヤ37」の文字と飛行機のイラスト}











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