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5th March

       Hi. Today is a special day for me as you know. So today is a Happy Birthday of AYANE Suzuki.

~Introduction of Ayane Suzuki from debut to becoming regular~
       She is a 2nd generation member of Nogizaka46. From December 2012 to April 2013, the audition for the 2nd generation took place. Out of 16,302 applicants, 14 were chosen and 13 were introduced at the 16 nin no Principal deux, the sequel to the 2012 musical, performed at Akasaka ACT Theater from May 3 to May 12. She had been working as a training member for about two years. On 22th February 2015, she became a regular member of Nogizaka46 on the 3rd Birthday Live at Seibu Dome in Saitama.
~introduction of Ayane Suzuki when she was 17 years old~
       She participated Nogizaka46 Under Live which was held in the Tohoku district: Fukusima, Miyagi, Iwate, Aomori, Akita, and Yamagata between 19th April and 24th April in 2016. And in Akita where she was born and grown, she said "I'm home" and she peformed best dance and singing song.
      She found new character named a-nyann at the Nogibingo6 #6 on 16th March. As you see below picture, she is very cute. And she acted Kigurumi Harotei called Kigu-chan at the stage named Joshiraku2.
      In September, she went to eat noodle to Nonoichi where was became holy place of Ayane Suzuki on other day.
      In August, she joined Manatsu respect corps which was made in 46 hours TV of Nogizaka46
      She acted as Fujimoto called Jimo at the stage named Hakaba Joshikousei in October.


~Introduction of her charm~

    ・ She is so polite and stubborn. So she never make a compromissing to herself.

     ・She is so smart. So she remember a lot of people who write comment on her blog or go to handshake event many times. Therefore, during talking with her, I always relax as if talk with my friend.

     ・She gets more and more beautiful every one seconds. So I fall in love with her every one second! hahaha

     ・She is a very modest person. And she has a lot of hobby. So she gets along many people, and she can talk about a lot ob topics.




     I was helped by her in 2016 and will be helped tomorrow. So she is one of the most important person for me. It may be not changed forever. Please keep rooting for me. Thanks for your mighty smile. Happy birthday to Ayane.



     Hi. Long time no see! I am studying abroad now. And I had never been abroad since now. So it's a first time to go abroad. I had a delighted time now that I went to famous place which is selected as sightseeing spot. Today I tell you the place I went to and show you some photos.


     At first, this picture display "Mission Bay." there are beautiful sea. And the color of sea separate two types, light green and deep blue, according to next photo. Although now it is  winter,  it is summer in New Zealand. Therefore, I wanted to swim there but I didn't find locker there and didn't swim for my worry.



     At second, I went to Hobbiton where the movie called "The Load of the Rings" was filmed. But I have never seen this movie. After I come back Japan, I will see it.



     At third, in Auckland there are a little of high manssion or building. So the Sky Tower stand out there. And you can do bungee jumping and sky walking. And the place near it is able for anyone to do inverted bungee jumping.



     At last in today's blog, in New Zealand there are a lot of sloop and the sloops is a steep incline. For example, if you wanna go to destination and search how far you go to there, you have to guess that you need three times as far as result.



     P.S. Today's blog is dull. I give you the pretty girl's photo.

Best wishes.


Three Principal

      Hi. Long time no see. I didn't hit upon a good article about this blog. But, yesterday I went to see a stage named "Three Principal" at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo. This stage is a little stranger than other stages. What point is strange in this stage? Let's see the history of this stage and the feature of this stage!
     "Three Principal" come from "16 nin no Principal " which was acted three times of the past. And it was so different. The system of "16 nin no Principal " is as follows. First, this play was acted by Nogizaka46's members as a main character. It was made for the cultivation of Nogizaka46. Second, this play was composed of two acts. Act 1 was appeal time about each member by themselves. And Act 2 was the main stage. Third, only members elected by the audience acted Act 2 and the others are no works in the day. Therefore, all members faced earnestly this stage and experienced powerless and weak point. So it is a hardship to the Nogizaka46. 
     According to the internet, from September 1 to September 9, the group performed their first musical 16 nin no Principal at Shibuya Parco Theater. Next year, there were the 16 nin no Principal deux, the sequel to the 2012 musical, performed at Akasaka ACT Theater from May 3 to May 12. And third their musical 16 nin no Principal trois opened at Akasaka ACT Theater on May 30 and run until June 15. And now, "16 nin no Principal" evolve into "Three principal." What is different? It is acted by only 3rd generation's member of Nogizaka46 who are 12 girls selected among 48,986 applications which reaches almost three times more than the second audition. And this play consists of three acts. Act 1 and Act 2 are no changed. Act 3 play mini live concert. So all members express their state of mind.

     The stage I went to was so severe. It was beyond imagination to an inexpressible degree. So my weak English cannot tell you this impression. Please show beyond Japanese sentence. I'm really sorry.

     Best wishes.



































sea roar


     Hi. How is the previous blog? As I see it, it is so unpleasant. But please continue reading my blog, please please. So today's title is "sea roar." What does this word "roar" mean? It is like sound. So today's theme is "sound of sea." My Japanese friends will notice it. So it is called "seosai" which is the collection of photographs about Asuka Saito, who is belonged in Nogizaka46 and worked for the senter in the group in 15th single "Summer by bare foot" called "hadashi de Summer." OK let's get down to the explanation about it immediately, if you don't mind.

     At the press conference she talked about some episode from photo shooting. She commented “I let my real self out in most of the photos”, but also added “3/4 is real self and 1/4 is fake” which lead the press laugh.

     Why me?” was the first reaction when she heard about her solo photo book, she confessed. She was very worrying about it in the beginning, saying “All the photos in the photo book are me, right? I was feeling unsure about how it would be like…”

     She showed another bitter smile when asked how she rated the photo book, saying “I shouldn’t rate too low score as it would make troubles but that doesn’t mean I should rate high score…that’s very difficult to answer.” She never forgot to show her gratitude to the staffs who worked for the photo book’s production.

     In my opinion, this photobook is so excellent, but she has more potential. Though it is already high- quality enough, how quality will next photobook be made by her on earth. I thought she is already perfection, but she is in the middle of deveropment. She gives me great pleasure now and in the future. All thanks for her effert. So why don't you buy it and show her beautiful gift. Bye



   さて、タイトルから何書くか分かった人いますかね? 今回のテーマは「潮騒」です。


   具体的にどこが違ったか? 他の二つの個人写真集より素の感じがしました。 もしかしたら、撮影現場の雰囲気が良かったのか?、モデルをやっている分ほかの二人よりとりなれているのか?、はたまたもともと飛鳥ちゃんが持っているすごみなのか?はわかりませんが、少なからずこういった面でほかの写真集より良かったかなと思います。

   他に注目すべき点としては、やはりビキニ姿ですかね! 去年の夏ごろに写真集発売されるかもと噂された時から、「あしゅの水着姿か~あまり想像できないな~」みたいな声をちらほら見かけていたのですが、行けちゃうものですね。 というより素晴らしかったです、決してエロ的目線とか舐め回したいとかではなく写真そのものの美しさとしてよく映えていたと思います。あまりネタバレ的な書き込みは控えたいの詳しくは言えませんが、飛鳥さん水着もいけちゃいます!www  


   そんなこんなで、最後に一番お気に入りのショットだけ口頭で紹介して終わろうと思います。すでにお持ちでご覧になった方には伝わると思いますが、お持ちでない方はぜひお買い求めくださいww 個人的ナンバーワンショットはニカッって笑ってるひとつ前のページのニヤっと笑ってるページです。口の感じがあしゅらしく、目、鼻、髪、眉、輪郭、首、首から下どこを取ってみても素晴らしい!これだけで30分くらい見ていられます。そのくらい実に最高な一枚です。

   こんな感じでブログを締めたいと思います。 最後までお付き合いありがとうございました。





handshake event


     Hi, today I will tell you the event I went to. But before talking about event, I noticed my mistake that in spite of my blog written by English, my blog readers are Japanese. Although in my first blog, I told you that I spoke only English, but now there are no reader in my blog. So I never compromise, but I change in direction of course. Return to the original topic. If you have seen its title, It is obvious at a glance there is today's keyword. So it's handshake event. What is handshake event?

     Handshake event is a kind of event which can meet Japanese idols and can shake hand, talk about something with favorite idols. I have been to this event for eight times. But the event is only Nogizaka46's or Keyakizaka46's. So I don't know other idol's handsake event. Therefore I can tell you only Nogizaka's or Keyakizaka's handshake event. Today I tell you Nogizaka46′s one.

     The event of Nogizaka46 is two tipes that one is called "general handshake event", and the other called "personal handshake event." First, the former is more public because it is simple to join the event. What is the way how to join the event? You only need to buy Nogizaka46's CDs which is the latest and only type-A,B,C,D. The ticket for the event is in the CDs and use one time shaking hand. Second, the later may be just difficult. First step you have to register yourself in Fortune music. And you should apply for ticket of the favorite member. If you are winning, you can go to the event.

      OK, up to now, I describe handshake event. From now, show you today's report in the event. Today, I took part in "personal handshake event." I have nine tickets. I put usually conversation on below sentence in the handshake event.

   Rikuya: Hello, long time no see. Did you go to three principle yesterday? How was it?
   idol(Ayane): Yes, I did. It was so wanderful!

   Rikuya: Whom was you concerned to?

   idol(Ayane): It's secret!

And so, I put unusually but fantastic conversation on below sentence in the handshake event.

   Rikuya: Hi. Do you remember my name? Please try hitting my name?



   idol(ayane):ku?(still cautiously)

   Rikuya:ku!(already happy)

   idol(ayane):ya!(all smiles)

   Rikuya:You are genius

So it is so happy things. And I'm so happy.

OK, this blog finished. To be continue! Bye!




   えーと、うーんと 妥協しました! 英語の方には方向転換ですって書いたけど完璧な妥協です。 一人でもこのブログを読んでくれる人が増えたらなと思います。


   今回の内容はずばり握手会! 本日2/5にパシフィコ横浜で行われた個別握手会に参加してきました。自分は鈴木絢音生誕委員をやっていて、次回3/4の握手会が鈴木絢音生誕祭なので打ち合わせとかしつついろんな人と話ができました。絡んでくれた方ありがとうございます。

   そこで僭越ながら今回の握手会レポを少し書きたいと思います。 というより紹介できそうなの一つしかないので、とりあえずそれを紹介します。

   三部一枚目 ←普段つけている名札{「リクヤ37」の文字と飛行機のイラスト}











これ一つでだいぶテンション上がりました はぁ幸せww






yuki no ne

      Hi, today I will tell you the CD which I had bought for the first time. It is "yuki no ne" mean Sound of Snow sung by GReeeeN. In the begining, tell you about GReeeeN. What is GReeeeN?

     GReeeeN is a Japanese pop rock/hip hop/breakbeat vocal group from Kōriyama in Fukushima Prefecture, comprising the all-male four members HIDE, navi, Kuni (written as "92"), and SOH. They made their debut with Universal Music in 2007. Their logo image is of a mouthful of teeth, and the four Es indicate the number of members. The sound production is handled by Hide's older brother JIN, a former guitarist of Pay money To my Pain. According to their website at Universal Music Japan, their catch phrase is "Rock 'n' Breakbeats with Four Microphones".

     One notable characteristic is that none of the members have ever shown their faces in the public sphere as a part of GReeeeN, whether in their promotional videos, CDs, television performances, or the Internet. In their only performance on TV-U Fukushima's music show Music Bar Palo Palo (broadcast on January 19, 2007), the group even went as far as censoring their faces during the performance. GReeeeN cites keeping their professional lives in dentistry compatible with their musical ventures as the reason, but one of the members, HIDE, has hinted that after all of the members pass the prefectural examination in dentistry and receive permission from the directors of the hospitals they work for, the group may consider a public appearance.

      All members studied at the dentistry department at Ohu University in Fukushima Prefecture and the group debuted while still in school in 2007.

      The members' identities are still unknown, as their faces have never been made public. At first, the group stated that they would wait until all of the members passed the exam before revealing their faces, but in 2009 they indicated that they will still keep their identities secret to avoid any interference with their careers as dentists.

     It is description about GReeeeN according to the Internet. Next I describe the songs "yuki no ne." This single stands for the feeling in Christmas. There is my favorite rylic that "Snowly magic can not come loose. The a little more same, in that way it is your side in many winter." The song totaly said that if time stoped, we shouldn't break up. Time flies like an arrow, but want to go on a happy time. Fleeting and sore narrative move your heart. Please listen to this song, and tell me your impression. Bye



Greeeen - Wikipedia

my hobby

     Hi, today I will tell you my hobby according to previous blog.
     My hobby is listening music the best. And I like Japanese Polar Orbiting Platform called J-pop. So I tell you one of the best singer in myself. It is Nogizaka46. Who is Nogizaka46?
     Nogizaka46 is a Japanese female idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto, built as the official rival of the group AKB48.
      Nogizaka46 was named after the place where the SME Nogizaka Building, which houses Sony Music Japan’s office, is located in. Their producer Yasushi Akimoto also said that the number "46" was chosen as a direct challenge to AKB48.
     On February 22 2012, Nogizaka46 made their debut with the single Guruguru Curtain. It ranked second on the Oricon chart and sold 136,309 copies in the first week. And I n November 9 2016,     Nogizaka46 released the 16th single Sayonara no Imi. It reached number one on the Oricon weekly single chart, selling 827,717 copies in the first week and it was the group's first Million single certified by RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan).
    It is end of the Nogizaka46's introduction. And so, tell you my trigger to listening their music. When I was junior in high school, one of my friends was fascinated and recommend me their song. But I don't like idol because I think they don't fight another singer with their song and singing. According to the internet, some Japanese idol sale their CD with other benefit such as handshake ticket, small concert and photo.       Therefore, they ranked weekly chart of CD sales. And other singers are seen lost in spite of before fighting. So I didn't like Japanese idol.
     However, when I was listening to Nogizaka46's song "If you notice a crush" called “Kizuitara Kataomoi", I'm impressed by the lyrics and the all song. It is changed my view of idol's criticism to thinking of idol's praise. After that, I searching other songs and watching their main TV "Where is Nogizaka?" called "Nogizakattedoko?" and their music video and personal promotion video. All works are so great and fantastic!
     So now, I go to many event and buy CDs and magazine which was displayed. This reports will tell another times.
     OK today’s blog is finished. And please ask me a question and write comment. Next blog will tell you enthusiastic event.
See you!